UBK beach a wonderland in the heart of Kyiv located at the southern coast of Trukhaniv Island.

A place where summer dreams come true and where the sense of vitality never ceases to amaze. Take a stroll across the bridge to find yourself at Kyiv’s largest beach where one can find a diversitity of entertainment to any given taste: live concerts of artists from all over the world, delicious food, film screenings, beach activities, jazz performances by the river, night parties, vinyl picnics, and so much more. One can enjoy an intoxicating cider, or simply gaze upon a radiant sunset wondrously falling on the cities ancient hills.

Also a home to Hedonism Festival – a cultural marvel that brings together those souls that appreciate music to its most magical core. It’s a leisure paradise with an awe-inspiring atmosphere that possesses a distincitve spirit that one will instantly be drawn to – a combination of all that can be and all that will be. It’s a place where one lets go of the feeling of trouble and surrenders to the spellbinding essence of life.

We welcome you to our world of harmony and radiance that is distant to the hectic pace of urban jungles. We will do our best to make your stay pleasantly enchanting and forever unforgettable.